Pablo Picasso

Branding is an experience. Branding is love.
It is knowing how to listen, think, dream, try, connect, be in the moment and get excited over and over again.
To brand is a relationship, it's intimacy, a process, it's taking responsibility, turning an idea into a product, giving it a name and identity and molding it into a brand.

I am excited to share with you the things I create, capture, experience, the first steps, the caution, the dialogue with who and what is in front of me, the pace, the process, the things that are revealed, the spark in my eyes, my perspective, my interests, everything that affects me so much, my love and passion.

Hi, I'm Tami Sela, a Photographer, a Branding Expert, a Designer and a Curator of Moments.
I’m the mother of Idan, Itai and Hadar, married to Asaf and live in Moshav Ein Ayala,
I’m a graduate of the Department of Visual Communication at the Tel Aviv Center for Design Studies (Vital) - 1996
I am the owner of a Branding and Graphic design Studio since 2006
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